These are shell dwelling African cichlids that do well in groups called Lamprologus Brevis. They prefer tanks where there are shells that they can live, hide, breed, and call a home. The ones that i am selling are 7 months old and at least an inch in length. Theses are beautiful dwarf cichlids and will start breeding withing the next few months already... These fish are good for all levels of fish keeper from the beginner to the expert. they provide great personality, unique swimming, and best of all are one of few cichlids that can be kept in a 20 gallon tank at its full grown size of about 2". I have approximately 20 remaining and they are going quickly, these guys sell for $8 or more per fish at most stores...
My prices are as Follows:
1 for $3.00
5 for $13.00
10 for $25.00
*** for a fee of $5-$20 i could deliver the fish within winnipeg or close surounding areas such as east st paul, west st paul, dugald, st norbert... email me and we will make it work for you***
Please email with a phone number, text me at 996- or call me after 6 pm. Thank you